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I was born and grown up in Rhodes, the island of St. John knights and home of the ancient Sun God.

My childhood, among the chips and planes of the raw materials used, is full of images of unique and wonderful handmade shapes with elaborate ornaments from my Blacksmith grandfather and carpenter father.

Influenced by them and learned to work with my own hands, I was dealing for eight years with pottery and engraving, specialized in metallic colors design and combine.

My own workshop established in 1989. Since then, beautiful jewelry creations with vibrant, earthy and bright colored semiprecious stones joined with raw materials such as wood and metals such as silver are bearing my signature.

Have been participated in numerous exhibitions in Athens and abroad like Birmingham England and Munich Germany, my jewelry are exposed in selective shops in Greece  as well as in Cyprus, Marseille France, Bilbao Spain and Aalborg Denmark.


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